I'm Eva Jolene, a game programmer and developer currently living in Bend, Oregon.

I've been making games independently for over 10 years with various languages and game engines including Unity and Unreal Engine. My resume is available here (.html) and you can reach me at her@evajolene.com.

Lizzi Vs.

Lizzi Vs. is a local multiplayer action game for up to 5 players. It is currently a work-in-progress and is being built to help prototype game ideas for the future single player component. It's being built in Unity alongside a custom world editor.

Demo: https://evajolli.itch.io/lizzi
Credits: Eva Jolene (programming, design, art), Svetlana Tovarisch (music)
Additional Notes: Made in Unity3D/C#.


LizziLight is a collection of shaders for Unity that allows for a "cutout" lighting effect instead of the standard additive lighting. It's meant to solve a limitation of Unity's lighting system, in which lights are added on top of each other one at a time.

GitHub: https://github.com/evajolene/lizzi-light

Lizzi TD

Lizzi TD is an isometric, browser-based tower defense game. Your goal is to protect your house from waves of enemies by building defenses in randomized levels.

GitHub: https://github.com/evajolene/lizzi-td
Additional Notes: Made in HTML5/JavaScript.

Garnet (Untitled UE4 Project)

This is a sprite-based, third-person shooter I'm making on the side as a way to familiarize myself with Unreal Engine 4.

Development Log: https://t.co/ZhzYjOFo3e