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Step counter

Today, I worked on the in-combat player movement system some more. When the player moves, a path is recorded, and the player can undo the steps by moving back. Still thinking about how to present the information, but that’ll come later.

Tactical movement

Today, I switched back to Lizzi and started coding the player movement system for combat. I was tired, so I’ll have to continue working on this later.

Working title

Today, I worked on the side project some more. I added movement, some animations, and a camera that follows the player.

I haven’t decided on the name yet, but the project file is named Junkyard, so I’ll be calling it that for now.

Side project

I said I would write a post every day I work on something, not just Lizzi.

Today, I ported over Lizzi’s sprite animation code to Unreal Engine 4! The plan is to make a little shoot ’em up in it and learn more about the engine.

Animation system

I added a sprite animation system and animated Lizzi! She has a simple idle and walk animation. You can play an animation or queue one up to play when the last one is done.

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