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Step counter

Today, I worked on the in-combat player movement system some more. When the player moves, a path is recorded, and the player can undo the steps by moving back. Still thinking about how to present the information, but that’ll come later.

Tactical movement

Today, I started coding the player movement system for combat. I got tired, so I’ll have to continue working on this later.

Animation system

I added a sprite animation system and animated Lizzi! She has a simple idle and walk animation. You can play an animation or queue one up to play when the last one is done.

Clean up

Today, I cleaned up the code for the rotating flora and spent some time to think about combat. I’m hoping to work on combat soon!

Moving flora

Today, I worked on the object map some more, and I added rotation to the flora when the player walks by them to test the object map. I still need to clean up the code for the rotation.

Object streaming

Now, objects that are out of view are recycled and moved somewhere in view. They’re deactivated and reactivated so the objects can handle their own states however they need to.

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