Eva's Development Blog

Clean up

Today, I cleaned up the code for the rotating flora and spent some time to think about combat. I’m hoping to work on combat soon!

Moving flora

Today, I worked on the object map some more, and I added rotation to the flora when the player walks by them to test the object map. I still need to clean up the code for the rotation.

Object streaming

Now, objects that are out of view are recycled and moved somewhere in view. They’re deactivated and reactivated so the objects can handle their own states however they need to.

Object map

I got tired of looking at the same thing, so I thought I’d work on adding some grass to the world.

Separate from the tile map, there’s a new object map! Right now, there’s a list of prefabs and the object map stores the indices to it, and the objects are pooled and placed on top of the tiles (the tile map and object map are both 2D, the tile map’s really more of a height map).

And of course, I added a grass prefab to test all of this with.

Camera angles

Now when you turn the camera, the sprite directions change!

And of course, I made it so when the player moves, the characters face the way they’re walking.

Directional sprites

Today, I added support for directional sprites! The sprite’s renderer, which is just a component that updates the texture coordinates of the sprite mesh, picks the correct coordinates to use for the sprite’s facing direction. It can also mirror the sprite when it’s facing left. I also drew Lizzi’s side view sprite for this.

Right now, the facing direction doesn’t take into account the view rotation. Another time.