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Camera angles

Now when you turn the camera, the sprite directions change!

And of course, I made it so when the player moves, the characters face the way they’re walking.

Directional sprites

Today, I added support for directional sprites! The sprite’s renderer, which is just a component that updates the texture coordinates of the sprite mesh, picks the correct coordinates to use for the sprite’s facing direction. It can also mirror the sprite when it’s facing left. I also drew Lizzi’s side view sprite for this.

Right now, the facing direction doesn’t take into account the view rotation. Another time.

Player movement

Today, I worked on player movement!

So, you play as the parent character (Lizzi), and her children follow along throughout the game. I decided movement should be on the grid to be consistent with the tactical combat that’s planned. And because, you know, grids are cool and make my life easier.

Player camera

Today, I made the camera follow and orbit the player character.

Also, I made the player character move around, but I’m still figuring out how that will all work, so I’ll write about that next time!

Depth correction

I fixed that problem I had yesterday. The characters aren’t disappearing through the walls anymore.

If you were to take a look at what’s going on outside of the game, you’d know the character sprites were definitely going through the wall.

But now in the game the character sprites show up in front! Cool!

To do this, I offset the depth per-vertex, with the top vertices’ depths being pulled closer to the viewer. I tried to offset everything before, but that created situations where sprites that should have been blocked by something would sometimes show up in front of it.

Besides dealing with the depth problem, I added some basic shadows below the sprites. Like everything in the game, they’ll be improved upon later!


Today, I made sprites that face the viewer! These are usually called billboards in game development.

The billboards work in most situations except when there’s a wall right behind one, then that billboard goes through the wall. Very annoying.

I’m going to fix this tomorrow!

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