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Today, I made sprites that face the viewer! These are usually called billboards in game development.

The billboards work in most situations except when there’s a wall right behind one, then that billboard goes through the wall. Very annoying.

I’m going to fix this tomorrow!


I thought I’d try this challenge: every day I work on a game I’ll write something about it.

I took some time off from Lizzi to work on some smaller projects and do some thinking, and I decided I needed to start the project over. The game was getting too difficult to make, and I couldn’t consistently reach the bar that I set for myself which kept me from wanting to work on it. Now the plan is to simplify everything about the game’s development: art style, code, gameplay, etc., hopefully without reducing quality.

Today’s actually the fourth day since the restart. The past three days I worked on the tile system, tile mesh generation, ambient light texture generation, and the world shader. And today I worked on the sprite mesh and character shader.

Both the world shader and character shader light the game with ambient light textures, which are textures generated using gradients. The character shader works a little differently as I wanted the characters’ colors to be preserved, but also for it to feel like the characters are part of the same world as the rest of the game.

Anyway, there’s still a lot to do, so I’ll make sure to write more as it goes.

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